Monday, May 23, 2011

Beginning 'For Hafiz'

I hibernated through the winter, lumbering outside of my apartment only to go to work and forage for food.  Forgoing art-making entirely, I worked at home on a couple of new books and parceled my life back together (not that it needed much 'parceling', but it was a tough winter).

Presently, I feel great- perhaps it's due to spring- longer days and warmer weather- spending more time with friends?  I only know that my winter doldrums have lifted, leaving me in a magnificent, motivated state.

Last night I started a new canvas- the first since this past autumn.  Last year, I promised to make ten pieces for a show...  Methinks I'm gonna move this shit along and finish what I started.

'For Hafiz' is watercolor/embroidery over unprimed canvas.

*Terrible picture quality (dark!!  blurry!!), but you should be able to get the point.

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